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 In a series of nine date nights, Nine Nights offers a simple, creative strategy to help partners    confidently step into the role of  Co-CFOs of their family's finances.

 Nine Nights, Your New Little Black Book for Personal Financial Empowerment :


       Encourages partners to begin thinking about and developing action steps:
     Before you face an emergency
     Before a death occurs in your family
     Before you give yourself one more reason to delay strengthening your financial preparedness!

       Offers ideas to work with a partner reluctant to share financial responsibilities.

     Details a clear plan to develop a handy organization file of the most important documents of your life.

Nine Nights:Your New Little Black Book for Personal FinancialEmpowerment

Laurie Teal has enjoyed a 20 year career in successful working relationships with clients, assisting them with home, office, and financial organization and project management. As a wife and mother, she has also deftly managed her family’s financial and organization needs. Through her book Nine Nights, Laurie shares this experience and knowledge to encourage everyone to actively participate in and organize their financial lives.

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